Bush Fires


Step 1: Debris removal Scoop floating debris from surface of pool and larger debris from pool floor. Then vacuum pool floor to remove smaller debris. Don’t forget to clear the skimmer basket and back wash the filter as necessary. Brush the entire pool. Use BioGuard Squeaky Clean™️ to remove water line build up. 

Step 2: Prevent bacteria growth – Add BioGuard Burn Out® Extreme, BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle® or BioGuard Lite® The pool will have been filled with a large amount of organic material disrupting the effectiveness of chlorine: 

  • If chlorine levels have dropped below safe levels, then use BioGuard Burn Out Extreme to boost sanitation and ‘burn out’ the organic material. 
  • If chlorine levels appear to be holding, use for salt pools – BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle and for chlorine pools - BioGuard Lite to destroy organic material before it causes a chlorine demand, or bacterial and algae problem. 

Step 3: Prevent algae growth – Add BioGuard MSATM Extreme™️ The organic material will also dramatically boost algae growth. Add BioGuard MSA Extreme to hinder any growth. 

Step 4: Clean the filter and rebalance the water The filter has just been through a lot of stress cleaning the water and now needs cleaning itself. Use BioGuard Filter Brite™️ to remove contaminants from the filter. After the filter has been cleaned, rebalance the water. 


Step 1: Remove phosphates and help clarify the water Add BioGuard Phos Kill® to remove phosphates (food source for algae) followed by BioGuard Polysheen Plus™️ or BioGuard Super Clear Clarifying Tabs™️ to clarify the water. Or just use BioGuard Pool Tonic®, which is a two-in-one phosphate remover and clarifier. 

Step 2: Boost sanitation and balance water To keep the pool performing well whilst it recovers, and to break down wastes, boost sanitation and return the sparkle to the water, by adding for salt pools – BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle and for chlorine pools – BioGuard Lite. The pool is likely still trying to achieve its natural balance, so check daily the water balancing parameters of the pool, adjusting when needed. Do this until water balance is no longer drifting out of range. 

Step 3: Future prevention Control bacteria and algae. For salt pools - turn salt chlorinator up to maximum output. For chlorine pools - use 11⁄2 times the usual dosage rate of preferred BioGuard sanitiser, as bacteria and algae are still present. Continue this until a stable sanitiser level is achieved. Keep adding the weekly dose of BioGuard MSA Extreme. 

Step 4: Diamond sheen Add BioGuard Pool Complete™️ for an amazing diamond sheen. 

Step 5: Enjoy! Ensure the chlorine residual has returned to less than 5.0ppm and is stable before re-entering the pool. For salt pools - return chlorinator setting to normal functionality. For chlorine pools - revert to recommended BioGuard sanitiser dosage level.