Automatic Pool Cleaners

Want to spend less time cleaning your pool and have more time to enjoy it?

With our range of automatic pool cleaners, it’s easy to keep your pool looking fresh and inviting all year round. From ‘set and forget’ models to advanced robotic styles that cater to any pool shape, you can effortlessly clean your pool with the touch of a button. Our range includes suction and robotic models from trusted brands like Kreepy Krauly and Autopool.

Suction pool cleaners 

Suction pool cleaners are powered by the pool’s existing pump and filtration system. The Kreepy Krauly range offers models that thoroughly clean your pool top, bottom and sides, vacuuming up all debris and scrubbing away algae and calcium build up as it goes. The Smart-Skim action completes the cleaning process by drawing all floating debris into the pool’s skimmer box. Suction pool cleaners are budget-friendly and easy to install and use. 

Robotic cleaners  

Robotic cleaners use their own filtration system and operate independently to your pool’s filter system. They increase the circulation of water, giving you a fresher swim and less chance of a clogged pool filter. Using a robotic cleaner from Autopool is as simple as plugging in the power supply, placing the ‘bot' in the pool and pressing a button. Within a few hours, your pool will be free of debris. 

Reach out to the Sapphire team today for advice on how to choose the best pool cleaner for you.

6 products

6 products