Flooded Pool

This bulletin provides a method for removing contaminants (mud, dust, clay, leaves and other organic/inorganic matter) from flooded pools.

Step 1: Check pump, filter and other mechanical parts for damage and remove all visible debris
If there is any damaged equipment, contact the manufacturer for assistance or replacement parts. Remove all visible debris from the pool water.

Step 2: Use Power Floc™ Maxi
To drop dust and clay (that has clouded the pool) to the bottom. Follow label instructions, then vacuum to waste. Continue to run the pump/filter to clean the water.

Step 3: Remove phosphates and clarify water
Add Phos Kill® to remove phosphates (food source for algae) followed by Polysheen Plus™ or Super Clear Clarifying Tabs™ to clarify the water. Or just use Pool Tonic®, which is a two-in-one phosphate remover and clarifier.

Step 4: Test for metals and treat accordingly
To keep metals in solution and prevent permanent staining use Pool Magnet™. Then add Quick Clear™ to remove metals. Always recheck for metals after initial treatment.

Step 5: Correct any chlorine demand and treat accordingly
Multiple doses of an oxidiser may be required to remove organic and inorganic particles. If having trouble holding an appropriate chlorine level, add shock doses of Burn Out Extreme® as per the label instructions, until chlorine residual can be held at 3 ppm.

Step 6: Treat pool with algaecide
The chlorine is now working hard at killing bacteria. But, as algae grows, it uses up chlorine and the only solution is to add more - a vicious cycle. Break this cycle by following the heavy infestation label dose of MSA™ Extreme or Polygard™ Concentrate. Once a stable chlorine residual has been achieved, revert to maintenance dose of algaecide.

Step 7: Manage chlorine residual with Optimiser®
The most important part of bringing a pool back to its former glory is to achieve a proper chlorine residual. Using Optimiser assists this by making all other chemicals (present in the water) work more efficiently, as well as being an algae suppressant. Optimiser also conditions the water, making it much gentler on hair and skin.

Step 8: Manage water balance
The chemicals just added to restore the pool will have effected water balance. Check and balance the pool as needed.

Step 9: Use clarifier one last time when water balanced
The addition of one last Super Clear Clarifying Tab, Polysheen Plus, Pool Complete or Pool Tonic, will really bring the lustre back to the water.