How Can I Keep The Pool Safe For My Family?

Always keep the pool fence gate shut and maintained. Check the gate latches are working and that all fence panels are securely attached. 

Get up to date CPR and First Aid skills. Contact Royal Life Saving today to book a course. 

Keep a stocked first aid kit on your property. 

Legislation requires you to have a current CPR chart in your pool area. Purchase one from Sapphire Pool & Spa.

Be within arms reach of any child under the age of 5 if you are in the pool area together. 

Show all pool users how to turn off the pool or spa pump in case of an emergency. 

Make sure all of the pools suction fittings and plumbing grates and covers are securely in place and in good condition. 

Avoid injury in the pool and spa area by using plastic cups and bottles instead of glass. 

Store pool chemicals safely, securely and out of the reach of children. Always use protective equipment when handling chemicals. 

Read labels thoroughly and follow all safety directions when using chemicals. 

Install a Residual Current Device or Residual Current Circuit Breaker on the power supply.

Print out this handy safety checklist produced by Royal Life Saving Australia and take all steps to ensure your family’s safety.