How Do I Clean My Pool After A Storm Or Flood?


  1. Remove all larger debris from the pool using a net, remove debris from the pool deck and surrounds.

  2. Check pump, filter and other mechanical parts for damage. Contact Sapphire Pool & Spa’s if you need replacement parts.

  3. Brush walls and floor, and then vacuum.

  4. Clean the pump strainer and the skimmer basket.

  5. Use an oxidiser to help counteract the build-up of organic matter that the storm added to the water. 

  6. Add an algaecide to prevent algae growth due to the increase of organic matter in the water. 

  7. Test the water and rebalance where needed - there is a good chance the pool has chemically shifted due to the storm. Contact Sapphire Pool & Spas for a FREE comprehensive water analysis.

  8. Run your circulation and filtration systems until the water is clear again.