How Do I Clean The Cartridge Filter?


  1. Turn off the pump. Utilise chlorinator & turn to the off position.

  2. Remove the bleed valve on top of the filter.

  3. If there is a locking ring, unscrew it in a clockwise motion. Take it off and then carefully remove the lid off the filter.

  4. Pull out the cartridge.

  5. Hose cartridge with a fine point spray until the cartridge is clean (this will take 10-15 minutes).
  6. Return the cartridge back into the filter.
  7. Regrease lid ‘O’ring and refit lid, and loosely fit the bleed valve.

  8. Reprime the pump basket if needed.

  9. Open any valves that were closed.

  10. Turn on the pump. Air will bleed out the top of the filter. Screw down the bleed valve when water is coming out.