How Do I Fix A Brown Pool After A Dust Storm? How Do I Get Rid Of Silt In My Pool?

A combination of a dust storm with heavy rain causes fine airborne silt particles to gather in your exposed pool or spa. These particles are too fine for most pool filters to remove without added help. 

  1. Remove any suction or robotic cleaners, as these will block up quickly and prolong the clean up by stirring the water. 

  2. Skim the water and scoop out any lager debris or organic matter.

  3. Add either Bioguard Water Sparkle or Polysheen. The simplest method to quickly achieve clarity would be to use both treatments- add Water sparkle and turn your system off for 24 to 48 hours, then vacuum your pool to waste if available. To remove residual cloudiness use Polysheen and keep your pump and filter running. 

  4. Daily backwashing and rinsing, as well as cleaning the cartridge element of the cartridge filters, may be needed until the sentiment is cleared. 

  5. Oxidise the water to aid in the water’s recovery. 

  6. Test that the water is balanced correctly, to help avoid future problems (i.e. staining and algae growth). 

  7. Chemically clean the filter using a product like BioGuard Filter Brite. The filter has worked hard to remove any foreign particles, and thoroughly cleaning it at this stage will prolong the equipment’s lifespan.