How Do I Maintain A Saltwater Pool?

It’s a common misconception that the salt does the sanitising in a saltwater pool. Salt alone will not sanitise the water; a salt chlorinator is required to turn raw salt into chlorine. If the chlorinator (or ‘salt cell’) is not functioning correctly, then chlorine production will falter. To avoid cloudy water, algae growth and the spread of bacteria, make sure all equipment is working and that your water’s chemical levels are correct. Pool tablets or shock treatments (super doses of chlorine) can be useful in case of pump or filter failure. 

The following steps will ensure a sparkling saltwater pool all year round. 

  1. Check total alkalinity and dose if necessary. Alkalinity levels are best at 120 - 150 ppm. 

  2. Measure salt levels every month.

  3. Check and clean the salt cell according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Use a salt cell cleaner in a salt cell jug, as per instructions on the bottle.

  4. Shock pool with BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle or BioGuard Swim Clear during the swimming season.

  5. Check pH. Dose with pool acid every 2 weeks if pH is above 7.5 to stop eye irritation every 2-4 weeks depending on temperature and bather load.

  6. If there are any signs of your pool turning green, shock it with BioGuard Burnout Extreme. 

  7. Add a monthly dose of Bioguard AlgiGuard 30Mls per 10.000 litres to prevent algae growth.