Storms are a regular problem for pool owners, as the severity of the storm will determine the different treatments required to keep a pool looking its best. 

Storms will expose a pool to the standard leaves and dirt that can be blown in, but also can dramatically increase the amount of unseen organic matter in a pool. This includes algae spores and bacteria. 

Storms also have the ability to infuse vast amounts of nitrogen into the water, which provides an enormous boost to algae growth. 

Fortunately there are simple steps or responses you can undertake to correct any issues a storm may have started. 

  1. Use a net and vacuum to remove all physical rubbish from the pool. If left to settle, you risk staining and physical wastes carry algae and bacteria. 
  2. Use an oxidiser. The chemical demand on the water has definitely increased. Adding an oxidiser will begin to destroy the build-up of organic mater the storm left behind. 
  3. Add an algaecide. Even if the pool was perfect before and still looks good, there has been a lot of organic waste flushed into it. This will have dramatically affected the growth of algae. An algaecide will be the best defence to prevent an algae bloom. 
  4. Clarity. The amount of rubbish that has entered the pool will have undoubtedly caused clarity issues. Adding a clarifier will bring the water back to its sparkling best. 
  5. Rebalance the water. There is a good chance the pool has chemically shifted due to the storm. Ensure water is tested and rebalanced. 
Lastly, be vigilant. The pool has just undergone some serious chemical stress. Pay close attention to the water for a couple of weeks. If you see anything you do not like, test the water in-store at 455 Argyle Street, Picton.